The Brand That All The Cool Girls Will Be Wearing

Today is the launch of your newest L.A. brand obsession, LPA.

LPA is the nothing less than genius work of total babe, Lara Pia Arrobio, former style director of Reformation and LPA's creative director.  Lara has been sharing sneak peeks of the LPA's merch on her (seriously cool) personal Instagram account prior to today's launch and I have been following very closely. I am obsessed with LPA's Insta account too, which is no less stocked with serious style inspiration and cool girl vibes.  Lara's cool fashion girl friends like Kim Kardashian, Erin Wassen, and Emily Ratajkowski are already all over it. 

LPA's aesthetic is sick, with major street meets luxury, downtown disco vibes that is (impossibly) effortlessly cool. Even the care labels are rad. Everything is really mix and match, which I love. You can probably buy 5 pieces and wear 10 different outfits with them. The best part? The march starts at just $58.

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