The Best Of Lenny Letter: The Women & The Messages

If you haven't heard of Lenny Letter, you need to get up to date and on the band wagon, along with the rest of its 400,000+ subscribers. The feminist weekly newsletter was started by Lena Dunham to give young females a platform to voice feminist issues. There is so much good shit to read on Lenny, but by far the most engaging are the celebrity interviews and first-person essays- which include a roster of the likes of Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Jennifer Lawrence. From celebrity written essays on body shaming, the wage gap, and beyond, to an interview with a feminist icon, check out my favorite Lenny Letter moments thus far.

 "Shamed If I Do, Shamed If I Don't" 
by Supermodel, Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham talks body shaming and all its complexities, and being shamed for being too fat, too thin, and everything in between.

My favorite message: Taking back or power and claiming proudly that our bodies are ours alone, and what we does with it is nobody's business.


"Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?" 
by Academy Award winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence calls out the Hollywood wage gap and talks her disdain for feeling the need to be likable.

My favorite message: Trade our desires to be liked, to be polite, to be agreeable and instead take our power back, know our worth and go for it.


Lena and Gloria discuss power outfits, rage-crying, superstitions and the best curse words. 

My favorite message: Crying is an acceptable (and a comfortingly apparently common) form of expressing anger.


 by supermodel and actress, Emily Ratajkowski

Emily talks the definition of sexy, the perceptions of others, and how being an early bloomer made her a target for body shaming. 

My favorite message: A call  for a space outside of the male gaze within which she can own and enjoy her gender and sexuality instead of reinforcing the idea that being overtly sexual is “trashy” because it plays to male desires. 


"Why Global Girls' Education Is Personal To Me"
by First Lady, Michelle Obama

The First Lady discusses the issue of 62 million girls being out of school and the many hardships they face in receiving their education. 

My favorite message: girls should be valued for their minds, not their bodies, and have the right to every opportunity to achieve the goals and the life they choose for themselves. 

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