The fashion film questions what it really means to be a "lady"........

Tom Jones' 1971 hit, "She's A Lady" was a man's song about finding the right kind of women- specifically one that "knows her place" and has "style and grace".

H&M decided to set the film to a cover of the classic song, performed by Lion Babe, and take a misogynist song and turn it into a feminist anthem that redefines what we think a lady looks and acts like. 

"Celebrating women is inherent to me, their uniqueness, their grace, their resilience and their style, so I love that H&M came to us to reinvent the classic 'She's a Lady' by Tom Jones into a contemporary moment and more importantly from the ladies directly," Lion Babe singer Jillian Hervey told

Swedish Director, Gustav Johansson, directed the playful and provocative film that features a range of women of all ages, body types, hair styles and attitudes, including transgender model Hari Nef, boxer Fatima Pinto and 70's icon Lauren Hutton.

The message? We, as women, define what it means to be feminine. A "lady" comes in all shapes and sizes, from hairy arm pits, muscles, a shaved head, ill table manners and even as someone who eats French fries in bed.

We still live in a time where women still have to fight for many things, including the right to their bodies and sexuality, and therefore it's (unfortunately) "feminist" to show women exactly as they in body and spirit. But regardless, it is so refreshing to have a mega-brand like H&M making a statement.

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