The Busy Girl's Guide- To The 30 Something Skin Regime

Our skin changes a lot in our 30s. Cell turnover slows down, age spots start to show, our skin begins to sag and fine lines start to pop up. Here, 4 important ingredients to help fight all your skin-care worries.

A Glycholc peel once or twice a week before bed will do wonders for shedding dead skin and giving you a serious glow.


Vitamin C helps prevent wrinkles and sun damage, plump your skin, as well as fade dark spots.


Retinol is really the holy grail of anti-aging and great skin. It produces collagen, plumps skin, fades dark spots, helps eliminate fine lines, increases cell turnover (exfoliates), and helps prevent wrinkles from popping up. Start with an over the counter retinol product, then visit your dermatologist to upgrade to a more potent retinol, like Retin-A (the good stuff!)


Retin-A Cream

The number one most important anti-aging skincare step to remember though is your sunscreen- SPF 30+ every day, rain or shine.

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