Election Reflection

Myself, and half of the American population, are frightened and anxious by what the next few years will bring. I, likely like you, have no words for how I am feeling. I cry for women that continue to be suppressed and oppressed. I cry for my fellow brothers and sisters that are being targeted for their religion, their ethnicity or for the color of their skin, for the disabled that are being mocked, for the LGBTQ community. I cry for this country and the millions of people that have chosen hate.  

The world's worst nightmare is now leading this country, with half of the American population behind him. I, like so many of us, would have never imagined the number of hate-filled, ignorant people living among us that are hell bent on tearing this country apart, and it is a mind shattering wake-up call to how much work there is to be done in order to achieve full autonomy in that peaceful world that we dream of.With things like Obamacare, the EPA and women's reproductive rights likely the first to go, and a massive deportation of our immigrants close behind them (and that's just the beginning), anxiety levels and fear are understandably high.

Dark times lay ahead, no doubt. But where we are at now is only one step in the journey of this country. It is a true today as it was in the humble beginning of this country that there are highs and dark lows, each accompanied with uncertainty and unknowns. We are survived everything thus far, and will survive the next few years all the same, because there is nothing outside our collective abilities that we cannot accomplish with enough drive, enough force and enough fight.  

We may have fear, but we must not be intimated. We must not kneel! We must fight for equality, for inclusiveness, for love. We must be warriors and champions for our cause. Now, more than ever, we must stand together and fight. Fight Trump, and his supporters in government. Fight any intimidation. Fight against efforts to weaken NATO, against efforts to deport undocumented Mexican immigrants, against bans on Muslim immigrants, against encouraging our allies to develop nuclear weapons. Fight against misogyny, sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia. 

Every great revolution, from civil rights to women's rights, and beyond, was achieved because ordinary people like you and I came together and fought. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and not participating in democracy, we no longer have the ability to not be an activist. Every one of us must do their part. 

Our resolve, our courage and our love is what will define history. Hate can win the day, but it cannot win history. 

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