10 Fashion Myths That Are Meant To Be Broken

Any fashion rule is incredulous, in my opinion. Fashion is creative expression. There shouldnt be any limits. But these 10 commonly considered fashion faux-pas should definitely be ignored. 

  1. don’t wear white after labor day. 
This is incredibly outdated! From sweaters, to crisp denim, to winter coats, white is definitely a year round color.

white after labor day

2. no mixing prints.
These days, it’s almost a crime not to mix prints. From polka dots and plaid, to leopard and paisley, to stripes with anything, mixing prints makes for a street-style worthy look.

mixed prints street style 2016

3. don’t wear black and blue together.
At one time or another this was frowned upon, but the color combination is actually very modern.

navy and black street style

4. sequins and metallics are only for night.
Please do yourself a favor and break this rule! Both sequins and metallics for day are so fun and so chic. Try a sequin midi skirt or metallic mini with a chunky sweater, or a sequin or metallic top with vintage denim. 

sequins for day

5. don't wear socks with sandals
Both are certainly a look- but a good one! Black tights with a metallic shoe is super fun, and socks with sandals, flats and loafers are one of my favorite things about cooler weather. 

socks and sandals street style

6. don't mix gold and silver.
This is such a passe rule. From jewelry to accessories of any kind, mix away! 

mixing gold and silver

7. dress for your body type.
This rule is meant to “highlight” the good and downplay the “bad”. Boring! Don’t confine yourself to this ridiculous rule. Wear whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as you feel good in it. 

dress for your body type

8. leggings should only be worn to the gym.
Every street style girl and beloved model have rocked a pair of leggings outside their workout. There are some really chic ways to wear the classic black legging that looks super chic. Get some ideas here. 

leggings street style 2016

9. dress your  age. 
Fuck that. Where what you feel good in, period. You don’t owe it to anyone to look any particular way.  

dress your age

10. match your bag to your shoes.
It’s a free country so go ahead and match your red bag to your red shoes if you feel so inclined, but this rule is definitely made to be broken. A mixture of accessories always elevates any look!

mixed accessories street style

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