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I am pretty much wearing almost everything I am loving about fashion this season in one outfit. Shearling. Pink. Fur Shoes.

fur shoes, shearling jacket, pink color trend
  The shearling coat has come back in a big way!! I am loving how urban the jacket is feeling right now, and while I appreciate the neutral hues of cream, black and grey, it's the dyed colors that are the major stand outs. The coat is functional, comfortable, warm and can be found at a modest price point with tons of faux shearling options on the market (which you should only be buying anyway btw). How often can you say that about a trend?  
fur shoes, shearling jacket, pink color trend
Fur shoes still have my heart. I have five pairs at this point, which is admittadely a bit ridiculous but there are just so many good ones out there. From loafers to mules to block heels to slide sandals- I can't help it. 
 shearling jacket, pink color trend

Pink is having a major moment right now and even I, who usually shies away from the color, is kind of obsessed. A blush pink feels almost like a neutral to me so I love the color on a great jacket, bag or pair of shoes.
fur shoes, shearling jacket, pink color trend
That said, you can imagine my excitement about both my shoes and my jacket, and the fact that I could wear them together because let's be honest, they look like they were made for each other. When I found this pink shearling piece at a thrift store in my hood it felt like minutes of slow motion from the time I spotted in while I was still in the doorway and said "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod" to myself as I walked frantically over to it. When I threw it on with my Levis a couple days later and spotted my blush pink fur pom pom shoes, more "OHMYGODS" ensued...for pretty much the rest of the day. 
fur shoes, pink color trend


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