Come Together, Right Now

women's march on washington

I am so grateful to the millions of  brothers and sisters around the world who participated in the Women's March on Saturday. I (not surprisingly) spent the majority of the march in tears. I was, and still am, so overwhelmed by the whole experience, the day, the energy, the love and what it all means for the future.

 The day was a surreal reflection of how a polarity of people around the world are feeling, and evidence that they will no longer stand for misogyny, xenophobia, violence towards women, discrimination, and other harmful issues. Over 2 million people marched against Trump and for peace in Washington D.C., Chicago, L.A., and NYC alone, and over 670 marches took place worldwide- what turned out to be the biggest inaugural protest in history!

I marched

For girls who cannot get an education. For those who are forced to marry. For those who can't even drive a car. I marched for girls and women who have been victims of sexual violence. I marched for my dark skin sisters. For my muslim sisters. For my sister, who is gay, and for the entire LGBTQ community. I marched for the children. Immigrants. Minorities. The disabled. I marched for those who's voices are quieted. I marched for those who don't feel strong. I marched for equal pay. For reproductive rights. For the right to my body and for your right to yours. I marched because I want more women if positions of power. I marched for social, economic and gender equality.  I marched for justice. I marched because in times of war and in peace talks women are rarely at the table. I marched because rape culture is real. Because women are misrepresented in the media.

I marched for you. For me. For her. For those before us. For those after us. 

And when I fight, I am fighting for everyone- for a better world.
 MLK said it best- "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". When women are attacked, we are all attacked, and it isn't until women obtain equal rights that we will see less poverty, less hunger, more peace, and a safer, healthier, more thriving world for all of us.

Everyone had their reasons for marching, but the message was all the same for the marchers across the world- we stand in solidarity for peace, love, justice and equality for all women, all people. We can, and we will, come together in undeniable numbers as a collective force and fight for these very things, settling for nothing short. 

I have a feeling we as individuals, and as a community, with never be the same because of the Women's March. A fire has been lit that cannot be smothered by hate and ignorance. I hope that fire continues to burn in each of you. That we can each pass the flame with love to the next and let it spread like wildfire across the globe as a symbol of peace, love and community. We are all one. We must stand up for one another. We must empower and protect each other. For we are not free or safe until we all are. When a group of us is hungry, broken, attacked, suffering- WE ALL ARE. Let today be only the beginning, as there is much work to be done in this country and this world- and it can only be done together. 

Come together, right now.
On the shoulders of those who came before us, and in service of generations to come....




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