Sequins For Day

When you hear the word "sequins", one would traditionally think of Vegas, New Year's Eve or perhaps a glitzy grandma. But throw all that out. Sequins can, and should, absolutely be worn during the day! Don't act like you aren't excited because I just made you think of all those sequin or glitter pieces you have in your closet that you never get to wear- until now.

 The key to pulling off the look is so juxtapose the light reflecting sequins with a grounding fabrics like cotton, wool, or denim. Nothing is cooler, in my opinion, than a sequin turtleneck top paired with vintage Levis. Wearing a sequin dress or skirt over a pair of pants is another great way to add a casual element to a sequin piece. I chose a white tee and an oversized wool boyfriend blazer, and to my absolute pleasure, my skirt also happens to be attached to pants. 

skirt over pants boyfriend blazer street style

skirt over pants street style

sequin skirt over pants

skirt over pants boyfriend blazer street style

vintage band tee

skirt over pants band tee street style

skirt over pants boyfriend blazer street style


Zara Sequin Skirt (sale $19)

H&M Sequin Skirt (sale $29)

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