Weekly Action Alert- 2.13

Our very first Weekly Action Alert is all about getting to know yourself, those representing you, and what you feel most passionately about fighting for. Plus, sign one very important petition!

HUG YOURSELF: You've showed up! You have voted with your feet, your social media, your wallet and so much more, through you're marching, through your phone calls, and emails, through your donations and your social media posts. Give yourself a hug and know that your work- all of our work, together and as individuals- is working. Our government representatives are hearing every phone call, counting every email, and seeing every tweet. Companies are paying attention to what their customers, employees, and investors are saying and feeling.

The very first action you should take this week is praising yourself and thanking your friends and your community for staying loud and proving that we are stronger together!

GET EDUCATED: Get educated on the connections between local and national politics. Local policies influence state policies, and state policies influence federal policies, and local politics often set the precedent for political moves on the state and national level. We have a long history in the US of states and municipalities leading the way on important issues from  child labor to legal abortion, to women's suffrage.  The bottom line- politics at the local and state level are important!

GET LOCAL: Look up your list of elected officials (including local officials) here. Now print it out and keep it handy because you must start getting in contact! Knowing the names and faces of those behind local and state decisions positions you as a more informed citizen, which allows you to better advocate for your needs as well as the needs of your community. More importantly, you want to make sure that your state senator and other representatives are fighting appropriately and accurately on important issues at the federal level. They are your voice! Visit them or reach out to them via phone or email and voice your concerns, your hopes, when you have an issue about the position they are taking on a particular issue, etc. 

FIND YOUR THING: Think about two things you feel most passionately about? Immigration, children's rights, race relations, LGBTQ rights, climate change, minority rights, abortion, education, law enforcement, the death penalty,  guns, mental health....there is so much to choose from, all of which need work. But whatever it may be, there is likely an organization fighting for your cause. Find your thing- then find an organization doing amazing work and donate to them or see how you can get involved!

SAY NO TO THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE: (deadline February 20th) Donald Trump took executive action in an attempt to move forward on the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. While this may be a set back- it isn't the end. The pipeline’s fate is currently in the hands of the  Army Corps of Engineers- and for the next few weeks they are accepting public comments before they come to a decision. Send your public comment here- telling the Army Corps that the Dakota Access pipeline poses too much of a threat to drinking water supplies, sacred sites, indigenous rights, the environment and our climate to allow construction to resume.

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