Weekly Action Alerts

You all know how important my activism and charity is to me, and how strongly I believe in the importance of each of us doing our part to make our world a better place for everyone and everything living in. As Alice Walker put it, "activism is our rent for living on this planet".

We can not rely on others to to fight our fight. We must not sit on our hands and expect other people to stand up for the oppressed and the silenced, to speak up on behalf of those who have no voice, to fight for peace and to solve the problems we face in this world. We especially cannot rely on our government. We must get out there as individuals and do the work ourselves. And we should never fall into the trap of thinking that we, as individuals, don't make a difference or impact the bigger picture. It is the collective force of average people like you or I that produces the most power, the most change. After all, we are stronger together.

It's so important to get involved, stay active and make our voices heard, especially given our current political climate. I get a lot of emails with questions from people who want to do more, so I'm super excited to be starting a new series called WEEKLY ACTION ALERTS, where I will put together a few different ways each week to take action on important issues. I will highlight different organizations and charities, petitions to sign, important phone calls you can make, upcoming protests, and more!

Peace and love,


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