Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day and Day Without A Woman! I don't have anything red at the moment to wear in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman, but I am rocking my Feminist Tee (it's Disco Panda- and you can buy it here) so I feel like it's all good. I'm also working today even though we aren't supposed to because I'm a "girl boss", I'm in fittings all day today for my Disco Panda Fall 17 show for Style Fashion Week that I was, unfortunately, not able to make the women's march in downtown either. I am super bummed because you know I hate missing these things, but it's an important show for me and my brand so I feel okay with it. 

I drove over an hour to my fittings. I cried the whole way- because you know, that's how I do. I feel moved by the energy that is circulating in the world with all the demonstrations and show of solidarity happening across the country and the globe. But I'm also so sad for women- women living on $1 a day, women hungry because they will give the only food they have to their children, women of color suffering because their children are being gunned down in the streets by police, immigrant women having their families torn apart and their children sent back to live in unsafe places, refugee women being turned away with their children in hand, women facing domestic violence, women who are victims of sexual assault being shamed with no justice in sight. 

Thank you to those standing in solidarity with women and fighting for equality, justice and peace in this world. Keep fighting, keep loving, stay loud.


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