Coachella Diaries

I went to Coachella weekend one this year- not at all for the festival- but rather just to attend a few parties. I am not really the "Coachella type". I don't do well in heat, always need easy access to food and water as to avoid massive anxiety, don't like crowds, drunks, people that are fucked up on drugs, and can't stand to see the same outfit on repeat on 95% of the Coachella goers. Sorry. Not sorry. No offense.

I had a super fun time in the whole day and half I was there with some good friends at a few great parties, including Smashbox, Popsugar, the Amex Platinum House and a party put on by Fashion Mamas, a really cool (so cool that the waitlist is in the hundreds) club for successful, influential women in the creative and fashion industries.

I didn't miss going to the 45th and Love pop up- a mobile pop up series that is part of a global human compassion project advocating for acceptance and inclusion for all. Gotta make time for some good work that makes a difference!

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