Disco Panda

I haven't talked much about my Disco Panda, my kid's clothing line that I launched this past Fall. It's been such a huge and time consuming part of my life, which is largely why I haven't been posting here on Tour de STFU as much :'( But I have had so many exciting things happen with the line in the past few months, so...

Here, who we are, what we do, plus watch our Fall 17 RTW fashion show!


Ash Smith’s strong belief in the power of social activism to affect change, coupled with a degree in design from FIDM, Los Angeles led her to launch her socially conscious children’s clothing line, Disco Panda, in 2016. An advocate for “style with substance,” the native Angeleno designer draws influence from street, non-conformist and gender-neutral style. Her favorite color is black.


Los Angeles-based Disco Panda is a modern, bespoke and hand-made children’s clothing label made with an affection for peace, kindness and unity.

With a focus on clean, playful design and a monochromatic palette, our clothing is made for kid's who fight for their rights and spread a message of inclusion and love.

Through the fusion of fashion and social activism, designer Ash Smith aims to foster and support the next generation of children and mini activists, who live in an evermore color-blind world, breaking both gender norms and stereotypes, while working towards a more peaceful, equal world for all of us.

Here at Disco Panda, we believe in raising our voices, rising to the occasion and giving back to the world in a positive way. 


An autumn picnic protest… for peace.
Armed with passion and love, our mini-activists head back-to-school to gain the knowledge they’ll need to one day change the world. They spend their waning late afternoon days in the sun dreaming of and planning for their collective future, celebrating the tapestry of their friendships and fighting for the greater good. A day at the park turns to a community gathering of great minds, radical openness and united spirits and finds these future leaders setting an example of kindness, leadership and peace.


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