Hi. My name is Ash.  I am a fashion addict.

I was born and raised in LA, where I still reside. I attended FIDM then worked as a stylist and costumer for film for many years. I have since started working as a film Producer, alongside my other half, Brennan, who is a Director. 

From social to economic injustices, to animals, to women's issues, I have been very passionate about the issues facing the world since I was very young. My earliest memory of feeling the innate need to do my part came from when I was just 10 years old when I would put my cash allowance in an envelope addressed to nowhere, but just the words "FOR THE CHILDREN", and stick it in my mailbox. I would see those commercials featuring less fortunate children, mostly in third world countries, starving and covered in flies and would feel so sad and outraged at the same time. My mail-man probably made some decent money off of my weekly charity contributions.

Today, I am very involved in charity work and make it a priority to be as well informed as I possibly can about the issues encompassing the world, so that I can use my voice, fight back and help spread awareness. I am passionate about so many topics, but in order to keep my focus, I choose to use my time, resources and voice on issues surrounding children, animals, and particularly women and women's rights.

TOUR DE STFU is a blog for people- like me- who are as obsessed with the art of getting dressed as they are about the state of the world. It's for people that want to live a stylish, well rounded life, giving more to the world than they take. 

Maybe you come to STFU to find out where to buy some great shoes or see an outfit that resonates with you and gets you thinking “that’s rad. I want to wear something like that tomorrow”. Perhaps you are inspired to be healthier or see something that sparks your creativity. Maybe you read something that helps you evolve personally in some way or  inspires you into taking action on a greater cause. Whatever the case,

I hope STFU inspired people to look and feel their best, motivate positive action and help mold the bigger picture, in both the world and for people personally. 

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